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AS Propaan has been working in the market of liquefied gas in Estonia for more than 40 years. It began its' activity as a part of «Tallinngas». At that time liquefied gas was delivered to Estonia only in cylinders. During the period of 1957-1963 a temporary liquefied gas filling plant was established, including two 50 m3 tanks and an equipment for filling cylinders.

In 1964 this temporary liquefied gas filling plant was closed down and the new one was built, which included a platform for three tank wagons, compressor section, repairing, requalification, and filling cylinders sections, two filling stations for tank semitrailers, and five 50m3 ground tanks. In 1970 this reservoir park was completed by five more ground tanks.

In 1985 the plant was reconstructed. Ten more 100m3 tanks were added to the reservoir park, a new compressor section as well as a new railway platform with two-sided pouring mechanism for eight wagon was built. Tank semitrailers were being filled on a new four-place filling station. Thus the production infrastructure for the additional supplement of municipal and production services by liquefied gas was established.

In 1991 the company came out of "Tallinngas" and began its' activity under the name of state joint-stock company Propaan, remaining as a part of the already existing structure Eesti Gaas.

In 1994 Eesti Gaas sold the shares of the state-owned company Propaan to a joint-stock company BKM Kamma, which was dealing with an import of liquefied gas to Estonia at that time.

In 2002 AS Propaan became private.

Today AS Propaan has the biggest gas terminal in Estonia. Its’ capacity is 650 tons of liquefied gas (1500m3). It also has its’ own railway branch line. More than 200 service centers are involved in distribution of liquefied gas. Working in close cooperation with Estonian Gas Association AS Propaan takes an active part in development and extending the scope of liquefied gas consuming.

Our high standards of gas quality and customers' service as well as flexible prices have firmly established our company as a reliable partner among the biggest industrial and construction companies, companies dealing with warehousing and municipal services.

Cooperation with Technical Inspection Centre Ltd. makes sure AS Propaan works accordingly with the present European norms and standards.

All our cylinders and tanks are regularly attested. Our skilled and experienced personnel is always ready to advise you on any questions concerning operation and rules of safe using of liquefied gas

Safety and professionalism take the main place among the fundamental values and principals of AS Propaan. Providing its’ customers quality they need, AS Propaan always makes sure everyone is aware of safe using of gas both in everyday life and in industry.

The main point of AS Propaans’ long-term activity is to be closer to customers

That is why our company has its’ service centres almost in every city of Estonia. If you have any questions concerning using of liquefied gas for everyday or industrial needs as well as operation of liquefied gas equipment, feel free to contact to the nearest AS Propaan service centre.

Important aspect of AS Propaan activity – to give its’ customers feeling of safety.

You can create your own safety by making the right choice. Use only high-quality liquithied gas from AS Propaan and liquefied gas equipment that you can always find in our specialized shops and service centres. Our wide variety of goods allows our customers to get a safe, convenient and stable in operation gas system. You can always feel free to ask our qualified specialists in our service centres for help. They will deliver a cylinder to your house or workplace according to your order, connect it to a reducer, as well as examine the whole gas system and give all the necessary recommendations

Attentive dealing with gas is the guarantee of safe using of gas as a source of energy in your house.

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